Employment Law

Countdown to GDPR: 25th May 2018

5th February 2018 by Susan Jennings

Whether you’re (i) bored to death of being bombarded with emails regarding the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);...

Myth Busting and the Menopause

4th September 2017 by Amanda Okill

In July 2017, as part of research for my article on employing older workers, I came across an interesting suggestion...

Who’s championing older workers?

3rd July 2017 by Amanda Okill

There is an irony in the world of work, with workers living longer, working longer and yet a fifth of...

Brexit: what’s next?

19th July 2016 by Andrew Masters

On Thursday, 23 June 2016 a majority of those voting in the EU referendum voted for the UK to leave...

How would Brexit affect UK employment law and HR?

9th June 2016 by Andrew Masters

On Thursday, 23 June 2016 UK voters will decide whether the UK remains within the European Union (EU). Any decision...

Can employers read your private emails at work?

18th January 2016 by Amanda Okill

It’s a newspaper headline it must be true, right?  Wrong! A number of newspapers have recently carried headlines boldly proclaiming that...

Make 2016 the year to stamp out workplace bullying

18th January 2016 by Amanda Okill

ACAS' 2016 Workplace Trends report has identified the growing problem of bullying as a serious workplace hazard, likely to feature...

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