Personal Injury Claims

Information needed when making a claim for compensation related to work related illness or industrial disease

25th August 2020 by Neille Ryan

The information listed below is what our legal team will require if they move ahead with your work related illness...

Kent miners and our history of industrial compensation claims

25th August 2020 by Neille Ryan

Furley Page represented the very first successful chronic bronchitis (emphysema) claimant against British Coal - Jackie Tanner of Aylesham, Kent. That...

Fatal Accident Claims

25th February 2019 by Neille Ryan

Nothing can truly make up for the tragedy of losing a loved one to an accident or disease, but we...

Whiplash awards may be slashed

20th March 2018 by Neille Ryan

The Government and Insurers continue their assault on innocent victims injured in accidents. As if they weren’t already making enough money,...

Personal injury claims – Stop cold-calling harrassment

19th March 2018 by Robert Harvey

Furley Page is an accredited member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We support their efforts to persuade...

Hangover from The Beast from the East

15th March 2018 by Ross Rowland

With the snow and ice having finally melted after The Beast from the East (and more still forecast for parts of the...

Damages for bereavement

3rd July 2017 by Neille Ryan

Unfairness of current law A fatal road traffic accident in which I am acting has brought into sharp focus the unfairness...

Am I entitled to compensation if I fall ill whilst on holiday?

2nd June 2016 by Neille Ryan

With the holiday season rapidly approaching it may be helpful for holidaymakers to know, a few things about their right...

‘Sexting’ – implications of legal precedent

30th November 2015 by Neille Ryan

I have no doubt that there will be plenty of commentators encouraging victims of sexually explicit texting 'sexting', 'grooming' and...

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