Breakthrough Women Event – Thu 8 Jun 2017

Posted by Susan Jennings

Partner & Head of Corporate

On Thursday 8 June 2017 I was one of the speakers at the Breakthrough Women event sponsored by Breakthrough Funding in association with Kent Women in Business Magazine, held at Chilston Park Hotel, Maidstone, Kent.

As a partner and head of our corporate team, this was a wonderful opportunity for women in business to get together, network, support each other and hear from some of Kent’s leading business women.

It was a great event and I was in good company with two other really interesting speakers- the very impressive Valerie le Vaillant a multi-disciplinary property professional, with more awards to her name than should be allowed, and Jo Fairley- the fabulous co-founder of Green & Black’s (chocolate which is cooler than Prada!)

My day job is to look after my clients’ best interests, so I hardly ever talk about myself and my history. On Thursday, I shared details of my journey to become an owner of, and partner in, one of the county's leading law firms, outlining some of the challenges along the way, of which there have been many! As lawyers we often get bad press but I hope the attendees saw that not all lawyers are the same.

My message was for people to have the courage of their convictions. Sheer hard work and determination does pay off in the end - if you stay true to yourself and strive to be really good at what you do, success will follow.

The next event is on the 5th October 2017 and I look forward to seeing like-minded women there.

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