Collaborative Employment Law

Furley Page has joined forces with other regional law firms to offer clients a Collaborative Employment Law Service (CEL).

The other law firms involved are Thomson Snell and Passmore, Brachers and Thackray Williams. As a group we are committed to working together to resolve employment and workplace disputes collaboratively.

The benefits of Collaborative Employment Law (CEL)

The benefits of using a Collaborative Employment Law service arise from preventing an employment or work place dispute from becoming adversarial.  This means the process is cheaper and quicker because litigation is avoided.

Participants are encouraged to resolve their dispute and the resolution is managed constructively.

For collaborative law to work both parties must appoint Collaborative Employment Law (CEL) lawyers who will work with their clients to facilitate ways differences can be resolved.  Through this process parties can speak to each other about the dispute in a non-confrontational way and resolve a dispute quickly.  In most cases the matter should be resolved after one meeting.

Collaborative Employment Law Training

All lawyers who are members of Collaborative Employment Law (CEL) have undergone internal workplace mediation training and hold an ACAS Certificate of Internal Workplace Mediation or equivalent in order to offer Collaborative Employment Law to their clients and participate in CEL.

Why choose Furley Page for a collaborative approach to resolving employment disputes?

  • Furley Page employment specialists Andrew Masters and Amanda Okill have undergone training in order to offer a Collaborative Employment Law service.
  • Our service is quick, confidential and non-confrontational.
  • We are committed to working with the law firms within CEL to resolve employment and workplace disputes collaboratively.

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