Fixed Fee Divorce Service

We offer a Fixed Fee Divorce Service – providing your divorce is undefended. Our Fixed Fee Divorce Service is also suitable for those who wish to dissolve a Civil Partnership.

Why choose Furley Page to help you through your divorce?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to clients, our non-confrontational approach to family problems and our exceptional level of service and expertise.

Our family lawyers are members of Resolution and follow their Code of Practice.

Our Fixed Fee Divorce Service process is simple:

Step 1 - Fixed Fee Initial Interview

Step 2 - We will send a draft Petition to you for your approval and then to your spouse or their solicitors

Step 3 - We will issue your divorce proceedings

Step 4 - As soon as your spouse acknowledges the Petition, we will apply for Decree Nisi.

Step 5 - 6 weeks after the Decree Nisi (or once the financial settlement has been finalised) we will apply for the Decree Absolute

Benefits of choosing our Fixed Fee Divorce Service

  • We will handle everything for you through to the conclusion of the divorce
  • You will be advised by Family Law experts throughout
  • Your costs are agreed in advance
  • You don’t have to go to Court
  • You could be divorced in 4-6 months

Our rates are competitive and affordable. We will offer you:

  • Fixed Fee Initial Interview £150 (inc vat)
  • Fixed Fee Divorce £900 (inc vat)
  • Together with the *Court fee of £550
  • Total of £1,600**(inc vat)

To find out more about how Furley Page can make things easier today, get in touch with us on 0333 414 0380

*Court fees are set by the Government and are subject to change occasionally.

**Provided that the divorce is not defended, this fee will only be exceeded if the Petition needs to be amended. If a supplemental Petition has to be served, if your spouse refuses to acknowledge that he or she has received the Petition from the Court, or if we need to obtain a duplicate marriage certificate, we will provide you with an estimate in advance for any additional work required. Other additional work may include arranging a personal service of the Petition on your spouse. Regardless, we will make all of the necessary arrangements so that you do not have to worry about the mechanics of the divorce proceedings.



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