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10th July 2014

Furley Page eases burden on bereaved with flexible range of services

Losing someone close is devastating enough but having to deal with your loved one’s estate at such an emotional time can be overwhelming.

To help ease the administrative burden on the families who are left behind, leading south east law firm Furley Page is now offering its comprehensive range of Probate Services at three easy-to-understand levels, so that clients have total flexibility and the freedom to choose which tasks they need help with.

“Probate is the legal authority to administer the estate of someone who has died so that it can be correctly distributed to the beneficiaries,” explains Aaron Spencer, a Partner at Furley Page who specialises in estate administration and planning.

“If you have been appointed as an executor or administrator to wind up someone’s estate, you will be faced with some important responsibilities which can be very daunting. For example, preparing an inheritance tax return, applying for a probate certificate, paying any bequests, transferring assets and arranging distribution to beneficiaries.

“Depending on the complexity of the estate, you may feel you are able to manage some or all of these responsibilities yourself. Alternatively, you might decide you need assistance with just one or two tasks or that you simply wish to hand over all the work to us, in which case we’ll use our expertise and experience to ensure that all of your responsibilities as executor or administrator are fulfilled,” adds Aaron.

“By offering different levels of Probate Services, we’re making it easier than ever for clients to pick and choose which tasks they would like to do themselves, and which ones they’d like our help with.”

Furley Page offers the following Probate Services:

  • Probate – a fixed fee service where you undertake most of the work but Furley Page will do the tax return and obtain a probate certificate for you;
  • Probate Select – you choose how much work Furley Page undertakes on your behalf and costs are agreed at the outset; and
  • Probate Premium – a comprehensive service where Furley Page completes the entire task on your behalf and costs are agreed at the outset

“To enable you to decide which level of service is right for you, we offer a free one hour probate consultation to help you understand what needs to be done and allow you to make important decisions about what to do next,” says Aaron. “We can even meet you in your own home to discuss your options if it makes you feel more comfortable.”

Furley Page has a long history of helping families at difficult times. The firm’s Private Client team, which is recognised by The Legal 500, can not only help guide you through probate, but will also be able to spot tax planning opportunities that could result in substantial savings for the beneficiaries.

For further information, contact Aaron Spencer on 01227 763939.

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