Clock is ticking for EU citizens to apply for settled status to remain in UK

September 25, 2019

…But only one in three have applied

A solicitor specialising in business immigration at leading south east law firm Furley Page has urged EU citizens intending to remain in the UK after Brexit to apply for settled status as soon as possible.

Tessa Robinson, an employment law solicitor specialising in business immigration at Furley Page’s Thames Gateway Chatham office, explains: “Clearly the current Government intends to end free movement of EU citizens as soon as possible by introducing new legislation following our withdrawal from the European Union.

“While the Home Office has said that EU citizens living in the UK prior to Brexit will have until ‘at least 31 December 2020’ to apply for settled status, our advice is that EU citizens who wish to remain in the UK after Brexit should apply for settled status sooner rather than later.

“EU citizens granted settled status prior to the 31 October 2019 (when the UK is scheduled to leave the EU) will be legally entitled to remain in the UK indefinitely, regardless of any future changes to the immigration system.

“Fewer than one third of all eligible individuals have applied under the EU Settlement Scheme to date. The clock is ticking and EU citizens and their family members who are resident in the UK should apply for immigration status to remain before Brexit.”

For EU citizens arriving in the UK after a no deal Brexit, the government has confirmed that there will be a transition period whereby individuals and their family will be able to move to the UK and live, study and work as they do now.

The transition period will last until 31 December 2020, by which time EU citizens need to apply for either “European Temporary Leave to Remain” or for a visa under any new immigration system which is introduced. From 1 January 2021, individuals will need to apply for a visa under the new immigration system to be allowed entry to the UK.

For advice on immigration eligibility rules and application procedures, please contact Tessa Robinson on 01634 828277 or email