Koni Nyirenda discusses his first year training to be a solicitor during lockdown

Koni Nyirenda

Trainee Solicitor

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June 1, 2021

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What attracted you to the legal profession?

I was first drawn to the legal profession as it is both intellectually stimulating and challenging. Additionally, legal professionals aim to provide solutions to clients’ real world problems. As someone who enjoys problem solving and practical, client focussed work; this combination was and is very attractive to me.

The interpersonal element of the industry is also important to me; I enjoy client interaction and work best as part of wider team pursuing common goals.

Why did you chose Furley Page to undertake your training contract?

Having grown up in the area I’ve always be aware of Furley Page’s reputation as one of the most highly respected law firms in the South East.

The firm also has a well-deserved reputation for giving its trainees a good level of responsibility, client exposure and opportunities for development.

As a born and raised Canterburian, I wanted to work with clients from the surrounding area. Furley Page has been embedded in the local community for many years and counts many individuals and organisation from the local area as clients.

Training at Furley Page gives me the opportunity to develop my legal and client facing skills at a highly respected law firm all whilst serving and working with those from my local community.

After completing your work placement at Furley Page, what was it about our firm that attracted you to applying for a training contract with us?

During my placement week at Furley Page in the summer of 2018, I was able to witness first-hand the strong relationships and camaraderie between team members across all practice areas.

Naturally, there were differences between each team that I visited but the firm’s culture of delivering high quality service to clients whilst developing talent within the team permeated them all.

I had opportunities to interact with a variety of people who were not only welcoming, helpful and impressive but clearly enjoyed working at the firm.

After completing my placement, I felt that Furley Page would be a great place to develop my legal skills to a high standard whilst working within a firm whose values aligned with my own.

How did you find the induction and having to largely work from home when you joined Furley Page in the midst of lots of restrictions?

Like most people, I had never worked from home prior to the pandemic. Working remotely up to five days a week is a potentially challenging situation for anyone but has been turned into a resoundingly positive one by Furley Page. The support provided since induction – both pastorally and practically – has been great.

I have felt welcomed by all at the firm and the sense of community has been maintained through the pandemic by regular contact with supervising partners, calls with fellow trainees, fitness initiatives and more.

Working remotely has provided some difficult moments, both technologically and mentally, but the firm have been supportive through these periods and provided solutions to any problems that have arisen.

Working from home has meant it has not been possible to sit in on in person meetings and phone calls or pop over to a colleague’s desk to discuss a piece of work. However, this has been mitigated by being able to sit in on online meetings, having diarised check-ins with colleagues and the trusty team WhatsApp group.

Furthermore, working from home has allowed me to develop skills related to providing client support remotely – something that will continue to be integral to good client care and legal practice in the future.

Have you had any highlights or lowlights so far that you would like to share?

The people that make up the firm have been fantastic and a constant highlight. I feel I have learnt a lot from them already and they have made my time at the firm both interesting and enjoyable.

The varied nature of the work, the intellectual challenges and, with support, developing my legal skills a little bit every day have also been great.

A lowlight? Whilst I have enjoyed working remotely and the benefits that come with it, I have missed the human interaction and the social aspect of being in the office with my colleagues. As mentioned previously, a lot of social interaction has been moved online but the recent relaxation of the restrictions has reminded how much I value meeting, socialising and working with my colleagues in person!



The deadline for our 2023 trainee solicitors programme is Fri 2 July 2021.

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