Private Client Law Updates

Don’t let your digital assets end up in a digital grave

13th November 2019 by Joshua Williams

In 2018, according to Forbes, the top ten YouTube stars were earning between $14.5 and $22 million. The top earner...

Can you make a Will by text message?

3rd October 2019 by Sarah Bogard

Can you make a French or English Will by text message? A recent joint conference of Kent Law Society members and...

The risks of DIY probate

3rd October 2019 by Christine Ward

An increasing number of executors choose to deal with an estate themselves when a close relative dies, but is this...

How to reduce the risk of attorneys falling out

17th September 2019 by Heather Dunlop

The steady rise in life expectancy means it is more important than ever that people appoint someone to take control...

Assisted Suicide and Inheritance

10th April 2019 by Melanie Christodoulou

“Prosecution” Ruled a Key Factor in Waiving the Forfeiture Rules The Forfeiture Rules are a set of rules laid down by...

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