Private Client Law Updates

Assisted Suicide and Inheritance

10th April 2019 by Melanie Christodoulou

“Prosecution” Ruled a Key Factor in Waiving the Forfeiture Rules The Forfeiture Rules are a set of rules laid down by...

A child’s inheritance

14th June 2012 by Harvey Barrett

In a recent case reported in the press Mr Justice Norris ruled that three year old Rory Greenstreet should have...

Income tax and Discretionary Trusts – a brief guide

14th June 2012

Due to the discretionary nature of the trust, income is taxed at the rate applicable to trusts. Different rates of tax...

Information given to beneficiaries

14th June 2012

They may be entitled to the Trust Fund, but what other information should a beneficiary receive? There will come a time...

The Trust Deed is signed, sealed

14th June 2012

The Trust Deed is signed, sealed and what happens next? Asset protection and providing for the next generation are just...

Charity begins at home

14th June 2012

Last year the government announced a new inheritance tax benefit to those who, in their Will, leave 10% of their...

Succession planning for the family business

2nd September 2010 by Ian Gilmour

This article is written in the wake of the emergency Budget on 22 June 2010. Capital Gains Tax has been...

Preventing Wills being contested

15th July 2010

It is always worth remembering that where someone who is elderly and/or in poor health has a Will professionally drawn...

Discretionary Trusts and The Change Of The Income Tax Rate From 40% To 50% With Effect From 5 April 2010

30th September 2009

Introduction The change in income tax rates which will be effective in the tax year 2010/2011 make it imperative to consider...

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