Business immigration for employers

With employers looking to attract the very best talent to their business, they are increasingly employing workers from outside the UK.  With unlimited fines and potential 5 year prison sentences for employing illegal workers, it is crucial that the correct documentation is obtained to prove all your workers have the right to work in the UK.

Care should be taken to ensure that, where appropriate, workers are engaged under the correct visa both at the start of and during their employment.

Our legal experts can guide you through the maze of immigration legislation, allowing you to access a wider pool of talent and ensuring on going compliance with the right to work regime.

Sponsorship, the points based system and compliance visits

We can help you navigate the immigration maze by offering advice on:

Sponsor licences

  • Registering your business as a sponsor, enabling you to sponsor migrant workers in the UK
  • Allocating certificates of sponsorship under your sponsor licence
  • Compliance with your sponsor licence duties

Tier 2 Skilled Worker visas

  • General and Intra-company Transfer visas

Visiting the UK on business

  • Advising upon the appropriate short term work visas for your business including:
  • Visitor visa
  • Charity Worker visa
  • International Agreement visa
  • Seasonal Worker visa
  • Youth Mobility Scheme
  • Advising on what work is permitted during an individual’s stay in the country

Tier 4 Student visas

  • Including advice on the use of the Post-study Student Work visa for your organisation

Other compliance services

  • Right to Work compliance and audits
  • The immigration impact of company restructuring and TUPE
  • The impact of Brexit including advice on settled status for your workforce.


Why choose Furley Page

Business Immigration requires an eye for detail to ensure compliance with the sometimes onerous legislation.

With our experience in ensuring the correct immigration solution is found for your needs, our Solicitors can take control of a potentially complex process, making it simple and clear to understand.

Contact Tessa Robinson to discuss your business needs.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?