Academy conversions

Since the new Academies regime was introduced by the government in 2010, it’s fair to say that the majority of schools that positively wanted to convert have already done so.

There will, however, be schools which have more lately come to realise the benefits of conversion as well as others which convert without so much enthusiasm. It is important for both those categories of schools to be carefully guided through the conversion process to achieve Academy status.

We offer a bespoke, comprehensive and experienced service best suited to these schools’ needs.

Complexities of conversion to Academy status

We can carefully lead a school’s focus group or similar body through the complexities of the legal side of the conversion process.  This comprises:

  • Discussion and selection of the conversion model – including whether a multi-school academy is involved.
  • Formation of the appropriate charity company to be the legal entity on which the academy is based.
  • Transfer of the ‘business’ of the school to the academy. This will include handover of relevant Local Education Authority LEA functions and the hugely important issue of transfer of all staff contracts of employment.
  • Transfer of the school premises to the Academy.
  • The all important funding agreement under which the Secretary of State takes over not only funding but also the ultimate control of the academy.

Particularly in dealing with the LEA and Department for Education the school need its own lawyers committed to the furtherance of its own best interests.

Why choose Furley Page for conversions to Academy status

We are experienced.  We would guide you through necessary legal formalities interested only in achieving your own goals for conversion.

We offer a personal experienced service in the conversion.  Part of that service comprises HR and employment advice which can continue, at a level to suit you, after the conversion process has finished.

Contact Christopher Wacher to find out how we can help you.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?