Creditors bankruptcy petitions

If you are facing difficulties in recovering monies from an individual and have exhausted legal proceedings for recovery, our Insolvency and Debt Recovery team can provide straightforward and practical advice of your options to move forward.

This advice is low cost and addresses the options you have to alleviate the problem. We can, where appropriate, provide advice on you initiating a bankruptcy petition to bankrupt the debtor who has not paid you the monies that are owed.

Creditor’s bankruptcy petition

This type of issue can be often be perceived to be incredibly complex but with the right legal advice it can be relatively straightforward. However, you remain the person most likely to be able to provide the information to resolve the problem and it is absolutely imperative that advice is sought early so that all available options can be explored and considered.

We can advise you on:

  • the circumstances concerning the debtors position
  • the options available to you
  • the preparation of the creditors bankruptcy petition
  • the filing of documents at the court
  • preparation and attendance (if required) at the court hearing.

Why choose Furley Page for advice about creditor's bankruptcy

Creditors’ bankruptcy petitions are a highly specialist area of legal work, with very few lawyers possessing detailed experience within the field. We are ideally placed to deliver practical, effective and meaningful advice.

Our team of qualified solicitors have a great deal of experience in this area and our extensive expertise can assist you with your problems and provide a genuine cost-effective solution.


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