Tax compliance

Have you:

  • received notification from HM Revenue & Customs of the need to submit a self-assessment tax return?
  • made a disposal of an asset (eg property or shares)?
  • had a change of income receipt such that you need to start filing tax returns (eg you were employed and you are now self-employed)?
  • the opportunity to make a tax relief claim (eg pension relief)?
  • received a payment of income (eg as a beneficiary of a trust) with a tax credit attached?

If so, you will need to ensure you submit a correctly completed tax return, on time, and pay the right amount of tax due.

Tax returns advice and completion

The HMRC possess a range of strong powers to issue potentially devastating penalties to taxpayers who haven’t submitted a correctly completed tax return, making it imperative that the task is given the adequate care it deserves and undertaken properly.

At Furley Page, we can help you complete your tax return or advise on requests made by HMRC (eg for information or documents).

We can produce tax computations which - particularly in the case of a proposed disposal of an asset such as a property or shares - can be helpful beforehand to assist you in budgeting for how much capital gains tax you may have to pay and structure your affairs in the most tax efficient way.

We can also help you make a tax repayment claim, ensuring you pay no more tax than you are obliged to.

Why choose Furley Page to help with tax returns?

The team at Furley page includes a Chartered Tax Adviser and former employee of HM Revenue & Customs. We have many clients for whom we act to file their tax returns online for them each year.

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