Dissolution of a Civil Partnership

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 (the Act) which came into effect on 5 December 2005 affords registered same sex partners very similar rights and responsibilities to those of opposite sex, married couples.

The basis upon which a partnership can be dissolved is that the ‘civil partnership has broken down irretrievably’. No application for dissolution can be made within a year of registration.

If you are going through a break down in your relationship it is important that you receive sympathetic but clear legal advice. Furley Page has experience of advising on the dissolution of Civil Partnerships.

Financial provisions upon dissolution of a Civil Partnership

The grounds for claiming that the civil partnership has broken down are very similar to divorce, namely;

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • 2 years separation with consent
  • 5 years separation
  • 2 years desertion

The Courts will have powers to make provision for financial relief in the same way as upon the breakdown of a marriage. The Court may make;

  • Maintenance and lump sum orders
  • Property adjustment orders
  • Orders for sale
  • Pension sharing orders

Civil Partnership and Same Sex Marriage

From a legal point of view there is little difference between the dissolution of a Civil Partnership and the dissolution of a Marriage.  The Court can make exactly the same range of orders for financial provision, or in relation to children.

Our Online Assisted Divorce Service and our Fixed Fee Divorce, as well as all of our other services for you and your family, are equally well suited to the dissolution of a Civil Partnership as to the dissolution of a marriage.

Although for brevity, our Online Assisted Divorce service asks for details of your marriage and for a copy of your marriage certificate, if you are wishing to dissolve your Civil Partnership, please complete the questionnaire and provide the other information requested but just draw our attention to the fact that you are in a Civil Partnership when providing your ID.

Why choose Furley Page on Civil Partnerships

The Family Team have been dealing with Civil Partnership disputes since dissolutions became possible in 2007, so we have considerable experience in this relatively new area of law.

We offer an Online Assisted Divorce service and a Fixed Fee Divorce which are equally well suited to the dissolution of a Civil Partnership as well as the dissolution of a marriage.

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