Online Assisted Divorce Service

The benefits of our Online Assisted Divorce Service are:

  • Fixed price divorce at £556 (inc vat)
  • You obtain a divorce quickly
  • Our service is managed by qualified solicitors
  • You receive email support throughout
  • Our service prevents delays in your divorce

In a nutshell

Furley Page Online Assisted Divorce Service is a managed service and will suit clients who want the freedom of an online service, with the assurance of our legal knowledge. We provide guidance and email support throughout the online process, so you do not have to manage on your own.

Summary of Online Assisted Divorce Service

What we will do for you

1. Confirm that we can offer you this service which will depend on your circumstances. We may not be able to take on your case using our online service for one of the following reasons:


  1. Either you or your spouse appear in our conflict of interest checks which make it improper for Furley Page to help you with your divorce;
  2. You want to name the Co-Respondent in a Petition based on adultery;
  3. The allegations of behaviour are too complicated to be summarised in less than one page or raise issues where we feel you should take legal advice, e.g. if there has been domestic violence or criminal activity;
  4. You wish to rely on the fact of your spouse’s desertion is the basis for the breakdown of your marriage.

If we are not able to take your case on for one of the reasons given, we will offer you the opportunity to take advice from us at a fixed fee.

2. Once you have paid us £556 which is inclusive of vat, we will send you a complete Petition in triplicate and guidance as to how to issue your Petition.

3. After your spouse has acknowledged receipt of the petition via the court we will send you the application for the Decree Nisi and a Statement in Support. If your husband or wife does not return the acknowledgement or fails to complete it properly, we will let you know what you can do to try to obtain a divorce without their co-operation and what the likely costs would be.

4. Once you have told us the date of the Decree Nisi, we will send you the application for the Decree Absolute and tell you the earliest date when this can be sent to the Court.

5. Provide you with support by email throughout the online divorce process.

What we will not be able to do for you

We will not be able to advise you on the following as part of the online service:


  1. If it is in your best interests to divorce.
  2. Disagreements over arrangements for children.
  3. Financial consequences of your divorce.
  4. Whether to apply for the decree absolute before the financial consequences of your divorce have been determined.

Before you proceed with our Online Assisted Divorce Service

If you feel that you need to speak to a solicitor about any of these matters before you issue divorce proceedings or at any other stage, please telephone 01227 763939 to make an appointment to see or speak to one of our team.

Items you will need for our Online Assisted Divorce Service

You will need to gather together all of the information required before completing our Online Assisted Divorce service.


  • You and your spouse’s full names, addresses, occupations and dates of birth.
  • You and your spouse’s children’s full names and dates of birth.
  • Your marriage certificate or a certified copy.

When you choose to use our Online Assisted Divorce Service you will be given the opportunity to exercise your Cancellation Rights. You will have the right to change your mind during a cooling off period. We will wait 14 days before undertaking any work for you unless you wish us to proceed straight away.

How can we help you

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