French property related services

There may come a time when you own a property in France that an issue arises and you do not know how to resolve it.

If you do not know how French property law applies, you may need help from our specialist team.

French property related matters

Examples of how we have helped our clients with French property matters include:

  • We have helped deal with a negative termite report, giving notice to the local prefecture and helping to organise treatment of the wood by a specialist;
  • We have helped submit outline planning permission applications for construction on land;
  • We have assisted with a property insurance claim following damage to a neighbours’ property;
  • We have acted for a number of clients whose leaseback company has gone into liquidation;
  • We have helped clients with tenants' eviction procedure and advised clients on what actions can be taken against tenants who fail to pay rent;
  • We have helped clients with the management of their properties;
  • We assisted and advised clients on repossession procedures.

Where a French lawyer (avocat) is required to resolve issues we can liaise with them on your behalf.

Why choose Furley Page for French property matters

We can help explain how French law applies and as necessary liaise with advisers in France to help resolve your issue.

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