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If you have spent a great deal of energy or a lifetime building up a business, we can help protect your business interests and pass a legacy on to your successors.

In the day to day grind of business, you can often overlook your own personal affairs. A professionally drawn Will is an essential part of your succession planning and we can help you achieve this in a tax efficient and strategic way to ensure the transition to the next generation is as organised as possible.

Building a business and succession planning

If you are building a business and hope to pass something of value on to those close to you, do not let a lack of succession planning threaten your hard work.

We can help you with the preparation of Family Charters to set out a future vision for your business. We can also prepare Farm Partnership Agreements and advise on the appropriate use of trusts to safeguard your business for future generations.

We will often consider the use of “Pilot Trusts” to pass on business interests and agricultural property. With careful planning these assets can qualify for 100% Inheritance Tax relief. We will ensure you stand the best chance of qualifying for the relief and help you put in place a carefully considered Will which provides for those close to you whilst offering the potential for substantial Inheritance Tax savings.

Why choose Furley Page for succession planning

We have a long tradition of working with the agricultural community and many of our lawyers are members of the Agricultural Law Association. We also have a large Corporate team and so are qualified to offer you a complete service in every aspect of your business and personal affairs. This continuity of advice will serve to benefit your business and succession planning.

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