Second families and remarriage

A carefully worded Will can provide for a surviving spouse or civil partner as well as protect inheritance for children from a previous marriage or civil partnership.

A trust structure is often useful to avoid friction and guarantee provision for those close to you.

Marriage and civil partnership revokes an earlier Will

A new marriage or civil partnership revokes an earlier Will , the exception is where a civil partnership has been converted into a marriage.  This could leave your estate exposed to the Intestacy laws and lead to costly disputes, if you have not made a new Will to reflect your new situation.

  • We can provide straight forward explanations of trusts and how they might benefit you and your family. We can also look at other options involving the use of life policies and life time gifting.
  • We will ensure you have a professionally drawn Will which will be difficult to challenge after you have passed. Our aim is to understand your wishes and ensure they are put in to place no matter how complicated your family affairs.
  • If your spouse or civil partner predeceased you, and you have subsequently remarried or entered into a new civil partnership, we can provide valuable inheritance tax planning advice.

Choose Furley Page for advice following remarriage or the formation of a new civil partnership

We have been advising clients facing these questions over many years.

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