Trainee solicitor, Abigail Bartlett, discusses Furley Page and training in lockdown

Abigail Bartlett


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May 24, 2021

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What attracted you to the legal profession?

The nature of the industry is that it is competitive, and constantly evolving. I liked the thought of each day being different and met with new challenges. The focus of a law firm should be their clients and the service they are providing and whilst I wanted to be in a competitive industry, I wanted to be part of a team working towards a shared goal.

The various areas of specialism seemed daunting, however, being able to complete a training contract is a great opportunity to experience different areas and make an informed decision as to qualification.

Why did you chose Furley Page to undertake your training contract?

It was important to me to feel part of a community. To me, becoming a trainee meant working collaboratively in a team, and learning how to establish a rapport with clients and deliver an excellent service.

I knew of Furley Page and their excellent reputation as I went to University in Canterbury. Furley Page is a forward thinking, professional, personable, client focused firm all of which became more apparent during my placement.

I felt that there was a strong sense of community at Furley Page and I wanted to be a part of that.

After completing your work placement at Furley Page, what was it about our firm that attracted you to applying for a training contract with us?

The Summer Placement was a week in June 2018 and it was a fantastic opportunity to get a feel for the firm day-to-day and for people in the firm to get to know me. It was clear that everyone felt valued and enjoyed working at Furley Page.

My placement fell at a great time as the firms Social Committee were throwing a Pimms party in the gardens to raise money for a local charity.

That evening was a great opportunity to meet people in a less formal setting. One thing really resonated with me – how many of the fee earners trained at the firm. To me, it seemed evident that Furley Page was a supportive firm that looked after their staff and embraced their trainees.

How did you find the induction and having to largely work from home when you joined Furley Page in the midst of lots of restrictions?

In my first week the firm ensured I had everything I needed in terms of equipment and contacts. I also had the opportunity to meet with Jeremy Licence (Managing Partner), George Crofton-Martin (Training Principal) and Andrew Masters (Staff Partner) during my first week. This made me feel very welcome and gave me the opportunity to ask any questions I had.

I joined the Private Client team for my first seat, and the whole team went above and beyond to make me feel part of the team and deliver excellent training.

In addition to legal training, the virtual experience meant I learnt a skill I didn’t expect, which was building and maintaining client relationships remotely. Video platforms have proved to be an invaluable resource; one which I think will be readily used going forward – I look forward to developing this skill and taking it into qualification.

Have you had any highlights or lowlights so far that you would like to share?

Two highlights stand out for me. One highlight has definitely been the calibre of work I have been exposed to and worked on. The second has been building relationships with my colleagues, and ultimately making friends.

The lowlight is an obvious one and one which most are feeling – the social side and the ‘buzz’. I think every trainee looks forward to the ‘buzz’ of the office and meeting new people.

As restrictions have been easing, I have been able to enjoy walks and lunches with some colleagues and look forward to more in the future!

The deadline for our 2023 trainee solicitors programme is Fri 2 July 2021.

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