Landlord and Tenant

Commercial property landlords wishing to let properties with an EPC rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’ – What can such landlords do?

16th July 2018 by Liz Brady

Some landlords have just come across the new MEES Regulations which came in to force in April 2018. They are...

Lenders are taking into account the EPC rating in their lending criteria

5th July 2018 by Liz Brady

When the EPC rating was originally brought in to assess the energy efficiency of homes and commercial properties, there was...

SEX FOR RENT – What has happened to us?

3rd July 2018 by Liz Brady

Never have I ever thought that I would be commenting on property leases and sex in the same sentence. I...

New Energy Efficiency Standards for Private Rental Properties – Does your property comply?

16th April 2018 by Sarah Woolnough

As landlords and letting agents are aware, from the 1 April 2018 in order to let a property on a...

Advice to Landlords – Section 21 Notices and the new rules for taking Court proceedings

16th April 2018 by Sarah Woolnough

As all landlords will be aware the rules relating to the obtaining of possession via the Section 21 (S21) route...

Do you need a dictionary to understand property transactions?

13th April 2018 by Liz Brady

Creeping slowly into the property world are some new terms.  We are seeing references to some various new topics and...

The new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Leases

13th April 2018 by Liz Brady

Early last year I mentioned the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards ("MEES") Regulations which are now in force as of 1...

Sinkholes – Terra Firma not so firm?

31st January 2018 by Liz Brady

What are sinkholes? Sinkholes are large holes appearing (often suddenly) in the ground which may vary in width and depth.  The...

Legal insight into Grenfell Tower tragedy

3rd January 2018 by Liz Brady

There has been considerable media coverage on the fire at Grenfell Tower which occurred on the 14th June 2017 and...

Different ways a lease can be terminated

7th November 2017 by Liz Brady

Jargon busting blog Ever wondered what your adviser is talking about in relation to terminating a lease but reluctant to ask? ...

Easements: what are they?

24th October 2017 by Liz Brady

As you are probably aware, easements are rights to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specified purpose...

Japanese knotweed – an extremely costly, invasive super-weed

12th July 2017 by Liz Brady

Green property issues – no, not party politics or energy performance but an invasive weed: Japanese knotweed The weeds are growing...

Uncapped Ground Rents on homes – the latest trend will need to be capped itself

1st June 2017 by Liz Brady

For centuries, leaseholds have been sold at a premium (i.e. a full purchase price) subject to a fixed nominal annual...

Landord alert! Introduction of minimum energy efficiency ratings for leases

1st June 2017 by Liz Brady

It is a matter of months until the MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) Regulations come into force on 1st April...

“No letting to single mums, plumbers or pet owners” – discrimination against potential tenants?

12th January 2017 by Sarah Woolnough

I read with interest the articles in the KM Online and The Daily Mail dated 6 January 2017 and The Sun...

Interim Rent – Q&A from RICS Property Journal

19th April 2016 by Jeremy Ferris

Article first published in RICS Property Journal May-June 2016 QUESTION In 2009 my client took a five-year lease of retail premises protected...

When is a landlord liable for a nuisance caused by a tenant?

15th April 2016 by Ethan Desai

Clients often ask us for advice on how to deal with “troublesome” tenants, both in the commercial and residential sectors....

Are you thinking of taking a pub tenancy?

10th December 2009

In the current economic climate, with so many pubs closing, be sure you take independent advice before committing yourself. Often...

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