French property and estates

If you are thinking about buying or selling a property in France you might be concerned about, how the process works, how you will overcome any language barriers and who will support you to act in your best interests.

Our French property and estates team is made up fluent French speakers and French nationals who specialise in various aspects of French property law and the UK tax system.

We can assist with cross-border issues that may arise through the loss of a loved one.

At Furley Page, we guide you through the complexities of French property law, break down the language barriers for you and provide you with expert legal advice in plain English.

Our French property and estates services

Our French property and estates services include:

  • Buying and selling a French property
  • Rental of French property
  • English and French wills, succession planning and French inheritance
  • Estate administration and foreign assets
  • Gifts of French property
  • French property transfers on divorce
  • French property related services
  • UK tax considerations on selling a French property
  • UK tax considerations in having a French property investment
  • French and UK tax obligations when living in France

French property

We can guide you through the process of buying and selling French property, liaising with the Estate Agent and Notaire (a public official who certifies legal documents) for you, and explaining in detail the legal documents you will need to sign.

UK taxes

We can advise you on your  UK tax obligations in respect of French property. We can also help you review your will to make sure that it reflects your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate on death. We do not advise on French taxes.


We can help you review your will to make sure it reflects your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate on death. We will also advise you on estate planning and UK Inheritance Tax where applicable.

French estates

If you are a beneficiary of a French estate, we can work with a Notaire for you to finalise the estate administration, advising you on how succession law applies.

I received excellent service and assistance in what was an extremely complex case that I presented Sharon with and found her to be extremely professional. She is a French speaking Qualified Lawyer who went beyond the call of duty to ensure I understood each step of the process that was involved in the sale of a plot of land and small property that was occupied in France. Due to circumstances, there were ten inheritors and all aspects of Napoleonic law had to be adhered to and Sharon handled the various aspects that included: Eviction process, Property Sale, Estate Administration, Extensive Client liaison, Worked closely with the Notaire in France until completion. I highly recommend Sharon Wilson-Dutin

Client of Sharon Wilson-Dutin - Mrs C. Nixon

February 2024

How can we help you?

Choose Furley Page for French property and estates advice

Our French property and estates team is made up of legal specialists; including French qualified and registered lawyers (Avocats), English solicitors and UK tax experts.

Our goal is to make the task you are undertaking easy. Our fluent and native French speakers can help you navigate the buying and selling French property within the French legal system.

For more information about our French property and estates services contact Sharon Wilson-Dutin or Deborah Vaysse.

How can we help you?