Court of Protection

If a friend or relative loses the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves and there is no power of attorney  in place, then nobody – not even a spouse – possesses the legal authority to deal with their affairs.

If this is the case, you can apply for deputyship to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a deputy, meaning you will be authorised to make decisions on behalf of your friend or relative.

If there is no friend or family member who is suitable or willing to act as a deputy, the Court of Protection can appoint a professional deputy from an approved panel of deputies.

Our Court of Protection services

Our expert team of Court of Protection solicitors can act on your behalf and that of your loved one with sensitivity and professionalism at all times.

Our team of specialist Court of Protection solicitors have a wealth of experience in Court of Protection work and can help you with:

Nicola August heads up our team and is an approved Panel Deputy of the Court of Protection. Nicola is the only Panel Deputy in East Kent and Medway, highlighting her level of expertise in this highly specialised area of work.

Where an individual does not have someone in the role of deputy, or in more complex circumstances where a professional deputy is required, Nicola may be called upon by the Court of Protection to act on their behalf.



Court of Protection services

Nicola August is acting in the best interests of her clients by providing an exemplary service.  Furley Page is a very well run organisation so she is able to effectively manage deputyships.

Office of the Public Guardian

March 2016

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The Office of the Public Guardian assess services provided by Panel Deputies through their Panel Deputy Assurance Visit system. The Furley Page team passed their assessment in 2016 with flying colours.

Head of team, Nicola August, is an approved Panel Deputy of the Court of Protection.

Senior legal advisers in our team are Accredited Lifetime Lawyers, some of the most qualified lawyers in the country for supporting vulnerable and older people with the right legal advice.

For more information about our Court of Protection services, contact Nicola August.

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