Trainee solicitors faqs

Answers to frequently asked questions about applying for a trainee solicitor position with Furley Page are below.

Informative blogs and videos by our current trainee solicitors about their training experience with Furley Page are at the end of the page.


Q. Can I apply for both an Undergraduate Summer Placement and the Trainee vacancy?

Yes, you can apply for both using the same form. Please ensure that you indicate at the top of the first page which you are applying for.

Q. How many positions does Furley Page have?

Furley Page usually recruits two Trainees each year. More than two Trainee Solicitors are sometimes considered.

Q. If I am successful, what will be my starting salary?

Furley Page offers a competitive salary to our trainees.

Q. When do I need to submit my application?

If you are applying only for the Trainee vacancy, the closing date isFriday 1 July 2022

Q. When will I be interviewed and by whom?

Furley Page operates a two stage interview process. Your first interview will be undertaken by an Associate and the Senior HR Manager and will take place on Wednesday 20 July 2021. You may also be asked to undertake some practical tests.

If you are invited to undertake a second interview, which will also incorporate a short presentation, this will be undertaken by the Training Principal, a Partner and a Senior Associate, together with the Senior HR Manager, and will take place during on  Wednesday 3 August  2022.

The current plan is for all interviews to be conducted in-house following covid-secure government guidelines.

Q. If I apply only for the Trainee role, will I be at a disadvantage if I have not undertaken a work placement scheme with you?

No.  All candidates for the Trainee role will be measured against our criteria for the role.  Previous work experience with a law firm is, however, desirable.

Q. Does Furley Page offer any financial assistance with my postgraduate studies?

Furley Page will fund the entire LPC fees with a combination of a grant an interest free loan which must be repaid by the end of your training contract.

Q. Does Furley Page recommend any specific electives for me to undertake whilst continuing with my studies?

Furley Page suggests that you chose electives which interest you.

Q. I’ve got mitigating circumstances. How can I make you aware of this?

Please provide this information either within your covering letter or in a separate note, providing as much information as possible.

Q. Are you only looking for academic success?

At Furley Page we value both academic success and previous commercial and client focused experience regardless of whether this has been gained within a legal practice or within non-legal employment.

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