History of Furley Page

Furley Page established 1725

The origins of Furley Page can be traced to one James Hanson, attorney at-law, and 'man of affairs', who practised alone in Burgate, Canterbury around 1725. A tablet in his memory in St Martin's Church states that 'on account of his abilities and integrity in the profession and the practice of the law and other valuable qualities, he died universally esteemed'. It is in this spirit that the firm aspires to continue.

1950s to 1990s

In the 1950's Furley and Page merged with the Whitstable and Tankerton practice of E.A.Barton, thereby extending the firm's influence into the coastal towns.

In 1967 Furley & Page and Fielding & Pembrook were amalgamated to form the foundation of today's practice.  The names of the firm have changed since that date from Furley Page, Fielding and Pembrook to Furley Page, Fielding and Barton.

Furley Page and the Miners' Compensation Scheme

Furley Page represented the very first successful chronic bronchitis / emphysema claimant against British Coal, Jackie Tanner of Aylesham, Kent. That claim was successful in the Court of Appeal in 1991. This was followed by 8 test cases, Judgment on which was given on 28 January 1998 and led to the Miners' Compensation Scheme coming into operation in Summer 1999.

The turn of the Century, 2000

In 2001, the name of the practice changed to Furley Page Solicitors. In 2006, Furley Page became an LLP, whilst still maintaining our trading name of Furley Page Solicitors.

Furley Page moves into Chatham Maritime area of Medway

At the end of 2007 Furley Page opened a new office in the Chatham Maritime area of Medway at Chatham's Historic Dockyard. The Furley Page team provide legal services to the people and businesses of Medway and the new expanding Thames Gateway region.

Furley Page first moved into the 18th century Bridge Warden's College, within the dockyard in November 2007. As we expanded our operation in Chatham Maritime, two years later in November 2009, we moved to our present beautiful location within the Chatham's Historic Dockyard of the Admiral's Offices.


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