Manufacturing and distribution

When you produce goods you face a myriad of issues.

From funding new development and manufacture, to protecting your brand and intellectual property rights. Working with suppliers to source raw materials, or to make components for your goods – potentially using tooling belonging to you or your customer.

And finally making sure the goods are made to meet specification and quality and are also packaged properly.

All this happens before you get the goods to the market. You may sell directly or through distributors or agents or both and have to deal with the logistics behind the supply.

It is easy to inadvertently damage your revenue stream and increase your risk and liability if you don’t get proper legal advice.

Legal support for manufacturing and distributive businesses

Furley Page has lawyers with the expertise across its teams to work alongside manufacturing businesses supporting you as necessary.

We have experience in working with clients at all levels of the supply chain so we understand the practicalities as well as the legal issues.

We are often asked to:

  • advise on intellectual property rights and brand protection;
  • draft or advise on terms and conditions of sale;
  • draft, advise and negotiate development, manufacturing and supply contracts;
  • draft, advise and negotiate distributor and agency agreements;
  • advise on bank documentation in respect of loans, letters of credit, invoice discounting and security;
  • buy and sell manufacturing businesses;
  • advise manufacturing businesses on personnel issues;
  • act on behalf of businesses to collect bad debts;
  • advise on property issues such as acquiring or disposing of premises or entering into leases;
  • act on behalf of businesses in relation to disputes with third parties.

How can we help you?

Why choose Furley Page for advice on manufacturing

We have lawyers who think laterally and have both the commercial pragmatism and legal knowledge to support your business and help you achieve your objectives.

Many have worked with manufacturing companies for years so understand where you are coming from.

Contact Susan Jennings to find out how we can help you.

How can we help you?