Debt recovery

Customers failing to pay their debts is a part of business life, causing some businesses major cash flow problems and in extreme circumstances, complete failure altogether.

With the right legal approach the issues affecting your business may be resolved by our specialist debt recovery solicitors team.

Our aim is to help you find the most commercially effective solution to your corporate debt recovery problem, whilst helping you move forward and avoid serious financial consequences.

Debt recovery solicitors

We make it our job to understand the debt problems facing your business and we will provide practical, straightforward advice.

Our team of corporate debt recovery solicitors are always accessible and will give you detailed updates throughout the entire process.

Whether issuing proceedings for outstanding money recovery, or serving a statutory demand on the company or individual who owes your business money, we will discuss all available options with you to help your business recover any outstanding debts.

Our corporate debt recovery services include:

  • Debt claims
  • Enforcement

We can provide advice in connection with enforcing judgments received against debtors so that you can proceed with the right option for you.

This could involve:

  • Instructing High Court Enforcement Officers
  • Applying to the court for an order that the debtor attends court for questioning
  • Applying for an Attachment of Earnings order
  • Applying for a Charging Order on the debtor’s property so we can secure the debt you are owed

Debt recovery services

How can we help you?

Corporate debt recovery legal advice

Our corporate debt recovery solicitors are known for providing commercially sensible, pragmatic advice.  We have helped many businesses in Kent and the South East resolve their debt recovery problems.

To find out more about our debt recovery services in Kent and across the South East, contact George Crofton-Martin.

Fee guidance

All work is supervised by a Partner.  For information and guidance on fees for debt recovery work (up to £100,000) carried out by Furley Page,  download our easy-to-use pdf >

How can we help you?