Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights – sometimes referred to as IP or IPR – can play a vital role in your business. That’s why understanding, protecting and utilising your intellectual property is crucial to your continued success.

We advise businesses at all stages of the business life cycle from entrepreneurs, to start-ups looking to protect their intellectual property.

If you are a victim of infringement or find yourself in a dispute about intellectual property, we will guide you through the IPR considerations in your commercial contracts and we can help you to understand your options.

Intellectual property rights services

We understand that your business’s brand, reputation and image form some of its most valuable assets.  Our clients include SMEs and multinationals planning to generate income from their intellectual property.

Our specialist team of intellectual property rights lawyers deal with all aspects of IP, including:

  • Copyright
  • Trademarks
  • Design rights
  • Patent law
  • Confidential Information
  • Database rights
  • Passing off and unfair competition

If you find yourself in a dispute, we take a practical approach to working with you and will consider both the commercial as well as the legal aspects of the dispute.

We regularly advise both Claimants and Defendants on:

  • trademark infringement
  • passing off
  • copyright disputes

Where disputes cannot be resolved by negotiation or through mediation, court proceedings may become necessary.

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Choose Furley Page as your intellectual property lawyers

We are an intellectual property law firm and our solicitors are well-versed in IPR law and dealing with damages claims, injunctions and orders for delivery up in the High Court, Patents County Court and the County Courts throughout England and Wales as well as the European Courts.

We have extensive experience in preparing commercial agreements and the documents necessary to assign, licence and utilise your intellectual property.

Choose Furley Page as your intellectual property rights law firm. For more information about our intellectual property services, contact George Crofton-Martin or Tony Chester.

How can we help you?