Employment advice for the education sector

Educational establishments operate within a complex and constantly evolving legal framework. Mishandling an issue can have serious consequences to an establishment’s finances and reputation.

We have many years of experience of giving advice to educational establishments on issues that are legally, commercially and financially sensitive.

Broadly speaking, such communications are covered by legal advice privilege and are therefore exempt from disclosure requirements.

Legal advice privilege only extends to legal advice given by a member of the legal profession which includes qualified solicitors.

If you receive legal advice from a human resources consultant who is not legally qualified, or from an advisory service that does not employ any legally qualified staff, legal advice privilege will not apply to those communications.

Having to disclose those communications to the other party in any Court or Tribunal proceedings could have a dire effect on your bargaining strength in negotiations and on your prospects of success.

Comprehensive employment and HR service

We act for a broad range of educational establishments in both the public and private sector including nurseries, schools, academies, colleges and universities.

We take a proactive rather than reactive approach.  We recognise your need to meet objectives and will advise on potential pitfalls before they arise wherever we can.

We provide advice on the full range of HR and employment law issues, including the following:

  • Child protection
  • Contracts and handbooks (reviewing/revising or creating)
  • Change management – redundancies, restructures and mergers
  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information requests
  • Disciplinary and conduct issues
  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Negotiating exit strategies
  • Negotiating with unions
  • Safeguarding responsibilities
  • Settlement agreements
  • Staff accommodation
  • Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) including advising on conversions from maintained to academy status

We also provide training specific to the education sector on an annual basis and provide bespoke  in-house training to staff on request.

Why choose Furley Page for employment and HR advice

We have a number of lawyers across the firm who operate within the education sector enabling us to provide rounded, commercial and practical advice.

We have gained invaluable experience over recent years advising schools, senior management teams and governing bodies on all aspects of employment law.

Andrew Masters is an Emeritus Governor of Kent College, Canterbury. The position has enhanced and aided understanding of how a school operates and the challenges facing many schools.

Contact Andrew Masters to find out how we can help you.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?