Is compassionate leave for divorce on the horizon?

Josie Triffitt


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February 7, 2023

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Some of the UK’s biggest employers including Asda, Tesco and NatWest have recently backed a scheme that will offer their employees special support whilst going through a divorce or separation. The companies have partnered with the Positive Parenting Alliance (PPA) to promote more family-friendly policies. The scheme was revealed at an event in Parliament last week and it could see employees being offered time off work to deal with the breakdown of their marriage or relationship.

Anyone who has gone through separation or divorce will sadly know that it is often a difficult, complex and stressful time and for many who are working during this period, it can have an impact on their performance. It is widely recognised that a separation or divorce can be akin to a bereavement and these new policies are a step towards the named companies acknowledging this.

The PPA conducted a survey which showed that out of the 200 workers participating, 90% of them said their work performance was adversely affected by their divorce or separation and 95% said their mental health at work suffered. More than half of the workers feared they could lose their job or thought about resigning.
Family lawyers of all people know the struggles that individuals can go through during this time, especially when the parties are dealing with the settlement of the financial matters within the divorce process or the arrangements for their children.

As well as the emotional adjustment there is often quite a lot that needs to be agreed and important information to collate as well as wanting to ensure that the result you are getting is fair. There are several different process options available to resolve the issues arising from a separation, some of which can be tailored to your specific needs. For example, if you need additional support during the difficult time. That’s why taking advice at an early stage is highly recommended.

At Furley Page we are here to help you identify the best process option for your situation, make the process less stressful and ensure you reach the right outcome. Furley Page’s Family Law Team are specialists in divorce and financial matrimonial matters and would be pleased to assist you.

Should you wish to discuss your situation, please telephone 01227 763939 to book an appointment with a family lawyer in our team.


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