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If you are a trustee of a trust, or you are considering taking on the role of a trustee, it is important to fully understand the task you have agreed to undertake, because the responsibilities that come with a trusteeship can be complex.

A trustee must carry out the terms of the trust as laid out in the trust deed and comply with the numerous tax obligations. Failure to carry out these responsibilities properly can expose the trustee to personal liability.

We offer expert legal guidance on performing the role of a trustee.

Guiding you through your trusteeship

We provide a personalised service and will take the time to understand your circumstances and your needs in order to provide you the best trust management support possible.

Our team of trust managers have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of trusts and can help you with:

  • Trust accounts
  • Trust tax returns
  • Day to day management of trusts
  • Exercising trustee powers
  • Restructuring of trusts
  • Trustee responsibilities
  • Personal situation of trustees

We can produce annual trust accounts to ensure a full history record of the trust. We also provide guidance on tax payments and tax return filing duties.

Choose Furley Page for expert trustee advice

We manage hundreds of trusts of varying sizes and differing assets, so we can make sure that you fully understand and comply with your duties as a trustee.

Our team of trust experts work closely with our legal specialists, who advise on the legal and tax implications of setting up, restructuring, and winding up of trusts.

We also have good links with investment managers to ensure the best management of trust fund assets.

For further information about our trustee services, contact Harvey Barrett or David Fielding.

Services for trustees services

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