Trust tax returns

Trustees have a duty to ensure all trust tax compliance, including the preparation of tax returns, is kept up to date. There can be harsh penalties imposed on trustees by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for failing to meet payment deadlines or submitting annual tax returns, even when no tax liability may be due.

Trust taxation is a complex an ever changing area. Specialist advice should always be sought when dealing with any aspects of the completion of trust tax returns.

Trust tax compliance

Our team deals with all aspects of trust tax compliance including the preparation of annual tax returns, settling any liabilities that arise, providing statements to beneficiaries for any trust income paid to them and dealing with tax repayment claims where necessary.

Our dedicated trust service means that you can be assured that the strict tax deadlines will be met without imposing any administrative burden of dealing with trust compliance matters on you or your co-trustees.

Why choose Furley Page for trust tax returns

As well as the administrative function of dealing with the trust tax returns and related correspondence, we can also highlight any ongoing tax issues for the trustees which may need to be borne in mind.

Our team keep up to date with all aspects of trust taxation to ensure that trustees make use of all available tax reliefs and allowances.

We can also offer tax planning advice to ensure any distributions from the trust are made in a tax efficient manner for the beneficiaries.

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