Selling on-line

Using a website for your customers to buy things from you on-line can be a great opportunity for your business.

When starting up it gets your products out there, without the overheads associated with a physical shop. For established retailers it can provide your customers with a convenient way to buy your goods and enhance your other trading activities.

Service based businesses and other organisations are using their websites to provide their clients with facilities, such as making bookings, ordering services or providing advice.

To prevent future problems you need to understand how the law affects on-line selling and trading. You should seek advice from solicitors experienced in this area.

What impact does the law have on on-line selling?

When trading online you should have a set of written terms that are bespoke to your needs and to make sure you incorporate those terms into your contracts. Pricing and other errors on websites may cause problems and it is important you have terms in place to deal with such circumstances.

Contracts concluded online may be subject to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 requiring you to provide certain prescribed information and giving your customers additional cancellation rights.

If you get it wrong and contracts are not structured properly, there is a risk that the whole contract may be found unenforceable.

We can help you with:

  • Drafting terms and conditions for selling online
  • Advising on effective incorporation of contractual terms
  • Reviewing and updating existing terms and conditions
  • Advising in relation to distance selling and e-marketing issues

Why choose Furley Page for advice about selling on-line

We have experience of working with different types of businesses across many sectors and can think practically about your particular risks and liabilities.  Even if you have been selling on-line for a while it is crucial to keep your terms and conditions under review to keep up with changes in the law and adapt to new challenges that may crop up.

Our experience with the rules in this area means we can guide you through the issues in a straightforward way so you understand how they apply to your business.

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