Buying a new home after restrictions ease? Time to take stock

The easing of restrictions in connection with the housing market from 13 May 2020 will come as good news to those who are eager to proceed with a property sale or purchase.

Buying a new home is an ideal time to take stock of your personal affairs as a whole, to ensure that proper arrangements are in place to take care of your assets in accordance with your own wishes.

Few people realise that a joint bank account may be frozen if one of the joint account holders loses capacity, which could have a devastating impact on the ability to pay bills or the mortgage. By making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), the appointed attorney can ensure that necessary payments continue to be made on your behalf. In any case, an LPA can ensure your affairs are in the hands of someone you trust, in the event you lose the capacity to deal with them yourself.

A property is one of the largest and most important assets that we will acquire in our lives, therefore it is important that a properly drafted Will is put in place to ensure your property passes in a way that is in line with your wishes and circumstances.

Furley Page can assist with drafting Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney to give you peace of mind.

We remain fully operational to meet client needs by working remotely. Our team is taking measures in accordance with public health advice, including employing electronic means where possible, to take your instructions and assist with the signature process.

Please contact the Private Client team for more information on how we can help you, tel 01227 763939.