Information needed when making a claim for compensation related to work related illness or industrial disease

Neille Ryan

Partner & Head of Personal Injury

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August 25, 2020

Categories Personal Injury Claims

The information listed below is what our legal team will require if they move ahead with your work related illness claim or an industrial disease claim.

Your medical records

We obtain these as they can be an invaluable starting point to confirm your condition or disease.

Your complete work history

  • Dates of employment, names and addresses of employers and a job description for each – this helps us establish which employer may be responsible.
  • Full details on the history and development of your illness or disease.
  • When were your first symptoms, what were they and when did you first seek treatment?
  • What is your understanding of the medical advice you were given on each occasion?
  • At which point did you suspect or were you advised that there was a link between your condition and your work? These are all areas we must clarify with you.

Information on whether and of your colleagues contracted the same illness or disease

What steps did your employer take to protect you from contracting that illness or disease?

For example in a deafness claim – did they provide ear protection or regular hearing tests? If your tests revealed the start of a problem were you moved to a less noisy environment? How effective were the protection measures? If ear defenders were provided were they always available and were they always worn? If not, why not – perhaps it was impractical to use ear defenders, in which case why and did the management know about it?

Information on your employer

Did your employer ever do anything which made you think they were aware of the risk of you contracting your illness or disease?  For example did they hold meetings about it, or circulate documentation?

Information on complaints about protection or lack of it, or about your symptoms

Did you suggest solutions to lack of protection? If yes, how did the employer react – did they act on your suggestions?

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