Trainee Solicitor, Tom Swann, discusses his period of training with Furley Page

April 25, 2022

Categories Graduate recruitment

What made you decide Furley Page was the best place to pursue your training?

I grew up in Herne Bay and I knew that I wanted to stay in the area and build my career here.Furley Page is a leading firm in the South East and works with major businesses and institutions in the area. Training here gives me real opportunity to develop my skills, further my career and work with those from both my local community and further afield.

What has been your overriding impression of the training programme at Furley Page?

I think that the training programme has an excellent mix of responsibility, client contact and personal development, whilst maintaining a good work/life balance.

I have daily contact with partners of the firm and work closely with them on matters. Tasks are rarely administrative and often require real consideration of the issues at hand.
A lot of time and energy is spent nurturing trainees, with a clear intention that trainees will be retained and become successful lawyers at the firm. A large number of current fee earners trained here and have remained here for many years.

What has been your best experience during your training programme?

My best experience so far has been working on an 8-day tribunal hearing for a large and prestigious local institution.

I was heavily involved with the preparation for the hearing and I was able attend every day of the hearing itself. I had regular contact with the client, the partner in my team and the barrister whom we had instructed. I was able to take part in discussions regarding material points of law and evidence and put my own views forward.

I feel that I contributed meaningfully and that it was great experience overall.

What skills do you think are essential to be a successful lawyer?

There are three skills that I have discovered to be essential:
1) Being personable
2) Having good writing skills
3) Paying attention to detail

Demonstrating these skills effectively will give both clients and colleagues confidence in your ability.

What advice would you give anybody looking to train as a solicitor?

Experience in legal practice is key. It will build your confidence, make you more appealing to employers and help you understand the realities of the profession.


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