Final year Trainee Solicitor, Sam Perry, looks back over his past two years with Furley Page

April 26, 2023

Categories Graduate recruitment

1. Why did you choose Furley Page to undertake your training contract?

One of the main reasons why I wanted to join Furley Page for my training contract is the firm’s reputation in the region for providing excellent client service. Furley Page is well-established and will be celebrating its 300-year anniversary in 2025, which I think demonstrates how it has been able to build lasting relationships with clients and stand apart from other firms.

I also wanted to join a firm that provides a supportive environment for trainees to learn and develop in different practice areas. It was clear when I was researching firms that Furley Page would offer that.

2. What seats have you been in and has there been any which challenged your perception of that area of law?

During my training contract, I have worked in the firm’s Private Client, Vulnerable Client and Dispute Resolution teams. I am now in my final seat back in Vulnerable Client.

The seat which surprised me the most was definitely Dispute Resolution. This was because of the range of work across the team, which I really enjoyed being a part of.

During my six months, I worked on matters including a boundary dispute, residential and commercial property disputes, contested Wills and probates, debt recovery, and an injunction application. I also had the opportunity to attend various court hearings and a mediation meeting, both remotely and in person.

3. If you could take one key learning from each of your seats you have completed so far, what would it be?

During my seat in Private Client, I learnt a lot about the different stages of how an estate is administered, for example the process of determining the deceased’s assets, applying for a grant of representation, collecting in the assets and then finally distributing to the beneficiaries.

As I have mentioned, I worked on a range of types of matters in the Dispute Resolution Team, and I was also responsible for taking new enquiries. This improved my confidence when speaking to prospective new clients.

In my two seats in Vulnerable Client, I have particularly enjoyed working on matters where mental capacity is potentially in question and have learnt how best to approach taking instructions for Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney when this is the case.

4. Reflecting back on your training so far, to what extent has the reality of training in a legal firm lived up to your expectations?

The training contract with Furley Page has certainly lived up to my expectations, both in terms of the work I have been exposed to and the support I have been given.

I have felt valued as a trainee at Furley Page and have had a high level of responsibility and client interaction throughout. My colleagues who I have worked with in my different seats have always been willing to share their expertise and guidance.

I will use this knowledge to continue to develop when I qualify in September and moving forward in my career.


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