We provide advice on the best way to enforce County Court and High Court judgments against debtors.

There are a number of different enforcement options that can be considered, depending on the amount of monies owed and whether the specific location of the debtor is known or not.

Without cost effective enforcement, the effort to obtain a court judgment can be wasted.

Critical to use effective enforcement following Judgement

It is critical that having obtained Judgment against the debtor that the most effective form of enforcement is chosen so that you have the most realistic chance of recovering the monies as quickly as possible.

The advice that we supply will be tailored to the judgment you have and the type of debtor that we are proceeding against.

It is also worth considering that we can provide advice in relation to insolvency procedures drawing on the experience of the lawyers within the team to act in your best interests.

We can advise on:

  • the most appropriate method of enforcement
  • the options available to you, including:
    • High Court Enforcement Officers
    • Charging Orders
    • Third Party Debt Orders
    • Order to attend court for questioning.
  • Most appropriate insolvency procedures that can be used to assist in enforcing the judgment including:
  • Statutory demands

Choose Furley Page for advice on enforcement

Our team possess extensive experience in enforcement.  Using our expertise we can assist you by providing an effective solution to collecting monies owed to you.

Contact George Crofton-Martin to find out how we can help you.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?