Retention of title

If your business provides goods to a company which refuses to pay for them, or that company goes into liquidation or administration without paying you, our lawyers may be able help you.

Retention of title clause

If you possess a ‘Retention of title’ clause within your terms and conditions, we can provide advice on how you may be able to recover your goods from the buyer.

It is essential that you seek legal advice so that the appropriate steps can be taken to assist you in either recovering the goods you have sold or, where possible, recovering under the invoice.

The right advice, taken at the right time, can mean that the process is straightforward. It is crucial that legal advice is sought early so that all available options can be explored.

We can provide advice in considering the effectiveness of the ‘Retention of title’ clause itself. We can tell you whether the clause will allow us to proceed with court action to recover the goods. We can also prepare, issue and deal with the proceedings from the start right up to the final court hearing.

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The service we provide will take the pressure from you. You will feel reassured, safe in the knowledge that it is being dealt with by expert lawyers who have a wealth of experience in dealing with ‘Retention of title’ claims.

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?