Winding up

If your company is in severe financial difficulty or is owed money and the debtor is not paying, then you can consider petitioning the court to wind up your company or the debtor’s company.

It is crucial to seek legal advice about winding up early so that all available options can be considered.

Winding up could be described as a terminal option because it takes the process out of your hands and offers no guarantees that you will recover any money – the likelihood in most cases is that you won’t.

It is an option to consider if nothing else has worked in recovering monies owed to you or your company.

With good legal advice winding up is straightforward

If you take the right advice winding up can be a relatively straightforward process.

The crucial part is that advice is sought early so that all available options can be explored and considered.

We can provide expert advice in relation to the preparation, filing and service of the winding up petition through to the advertisement of the petition.  We can also arrange through our connections with barristers chambers the appropriate individual to represent you, or your company, at the hearing of the petition at the court.

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We offer commercially sensitive, pragmatic advice from experienced solicitors that allow you to make an informed decision about your options.

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?