Copyright is the right to prevent an original work from being copied. It is a valuable and sometimes misunderstood or unrecognised right.

Copyright can apply to original literary, dramatic, artistic or musical works as well as sound recordings, films, broadcasts and published editions.

It can cover things as diverse as books, photographs, music, marketing materials, menu layouts, packaging designs, blog posts and website content.

As a business commissioning and paying for a work to be created, it is usually in your best interest to make sure the copyright in that work belongs to you.

How we help you manage copyright

Copyright will generally belong to the original author but there are sometimes exceptions; for example, works created by an employee or where someone is commissioned to create a work.

If you are a wedding photographer, website developer, designer or someone of a similar ilk, you may wish to make sure you retain the copyright in your work.

Our specialist copyright solicitors can:

  • Help you identify copyright and advise on ownership
  • Advise on the protection and exploitation of your copyright
  • Prepare copyright assignments and licences and other commercial contracts
  • Advise how to enforce copyright and your options if your copyright has been infringed
  • Act for you to obtain injunctions to restrain copying and other infringing acts
  • Advise on ownership disputes and how to stop infringing articles being imported

Why choose Furley Page as your copyright solicitors

We take a commercial approach to advising clients and place a real focus on clarity and coherency in the way in which we explain the issues to you.

Our dispute resolution lawyers are experienced in acting for both claimants and defendants in arbitration, mediation and litigation in both the High Court and in the Patents County Court.

Contact our lawyers George Crofton-Martin or Tony Chester to discuss copyright matters.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?