Trademarks play a key role in protecting brands. Once you have registered a trademark you can prevent anyone else from using an identical or similar mark, in relation to similar or identical goods or services.

You can also control and manage how that mark is used and exploited.

Trademarks can be used to protect words, brand names, business names, slogans, logos, domain names and in some cases even shapes, sounds and colours.

Before choosing a business name, logo or slogan it is important to find out what is out there already. We can help you with this process.

Trademark registration process

  • Trademarks are registered in classes according to the goods or services that you will be using the mark in connection with.
  • If you have registered a trademark you don’t have to prove that the public associate your trade mark with you, in the way you do if you take action against passing off.
  • We can carry out searches and guide you through the registration process whether for a UK trademark or a European Community Trademark.
  • Once your trademark is registered we can advise in relation to exploiting and licensing it.

Choose Furley Page as your trademark solicitors

Our Corporate lawyers can advise you on aspects of managing your trademark.

If you find yourself in a trademark dispute or you are concerned about infringement, our Dispute Resolution lawyers have experience acting for both Claimants and Defendants frequently dealing with emergency applications for injunctions, delivery up or destruction orders.

Contact our trademark solicitors George Crofton-Martin or Tony Chester to find out how we can help you.


How can we help you?

How can we help you?