Notable personal injury cases resolved by Neille Ryan

Neille Ryan

Partner & Head of Personal Injury

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April 25, 2023

Categories Personal Injury Claims

Neille Ryan is a Partner, Head of Personal Injury and a specialist in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims. He is an accredited Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and accredited by Headway – The Brain Injury Association for his expertise in traumatic brain injury claims.

Some examples of Neille’s notable cases include:

  • Neille acted for the pedestrian infant victim in a road traffic accident who suffered devastating physical and psychological injuries. They will never be able to work, and require a lifetime of adapted accommodation, care and various therapies, special equipment and adapted transport. Damages are in excess of £11 million.
  • Neille’s client suffered a life changing spinal cord injury in an accident at work. Although the client, one of the most determined and impressive people Neille has ever met has achieved amazing things despite the injuries, damages are in excess of £2 million.
  •  Neille’s pedestrian client was run down by a motorcar whilst crossing the road. The combination of brain and physical injuries has changed the client’s life forever leaving them requiring adapted accommodation, nursing care, specialist equipment and unable to work. Nevertheless the client is a well known character involved in their local community. Their damages are in excess of £2 million.
  • Neille acted for the family of a client who passed away after a hospital missed a liposarcoma on a scan commissioned following symptoms. Damages were agreed at £300,000.
  • Neille’s client, who suffered devastating physical and psychological injuries in a road traffic accident leaving him unable to return to any form of work and requiring single storey accommodation received £1.2 million despite the added complication of having to deal with a foreign driver, foreign vehicle and overseas insurers.
  • The family, including infant children of a victim who passed away in a road traffic accident received almost £600,000 to compensate mainly for the loss of the victim’s contribution to the household’s finances.

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