Personal injury – What can I claim for?

Kelly Richardson

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October 26, 2020

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We are often asked by people thinking of making a personal injury claim, what they can make claims for and what sort of things might be covered by compensation.

The are two categories in personal injury compensation claims:

  • General Damages Compensation
  • Special Damages Compensation

General Damages

This is compensation for your injuries, for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity (loss of quality of life). The amount will vary according to the severity of your injuries, the duration and the extent to which the injury has caused you any temporary or permanent disability.

This award is calculated using judicial guidelines and considering awards made in previously decided claims that have gone before the court.

Special Damages

This is compensation for your various financial losses / out of pocket expenses that may include:

  • Loss of earnings – this will include any loss of earnings you have sustained whilst being absent from work due to the accident.
  • Future loss of earnings – if, as a result of the accident you are no longer able to work or have to change jobs to a lower paid one, you may be entitled to claim for future loss of earnings.
  • Medication costs – for any prescription or non-prescription medication required.
  • Treatment costs – you may have paid for private treatment from a physiotherapist or osteopath and these fees may be recoverable if they were as a result of the accident.
  • Damage to clothing or personal items – if you damaged any items in the accident, say personal items, or clothing, then you may be able to recover the cost of these items.
  • Travel costs – you may have driven to appointments, or had to pay for taxis or public transport that you would not ordinarily have done and these costs may be recovered.
  • Care and assistance – if your injuries meant required help from family or friends with activities of daily living (housework, gardening or such like) that you would otherwise have done yourself then their time has a value and it may be possible to claim compensation for the services they have provided to you. Likewise if you have needed or need professional care (say nursing) then the cost can be recoverable.
  • Equipment – special equipment may be recommended to help you cope with more serious injuries, in which case the cost may be claimed.
  • Housing costs – in more serious injury claims, adaptions to your property may be required to enable you to live there safely. In some circumstances your home may no longer be suitable for your needs at all and you may have to purchase a new home.

It is important when bringing a personal injury claim that you keep all invoices, receipts and other documentary evidence, so you can help prove any losses you have suffered.

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