Medical and Clinical Negligence Claims

Most people consider themselves fortunate to have access to the healthcare system that we have in the UK. It is widely accepted that the National Health Service (NHS) does an excellent job in the face of difficult financial restraints, but unfortunately mistakes do happen.

Given the service that healthcare professionals provide, both through the NHS and privately, it is inevitable that when mistakes are made they can have potentially catastrophic consequences for the patient.


Medical and clinical negligence explained

The law accepts that with a few rare exceptions, medical practitioners have trained in medicine to help people, and they certainly do not set out with the intention to cause their patients any harm.

In order to be successful in a claim for medical or clinical negligence the Claimant must prove two things:-

  1. The care or treatment that they received fell below the standard that would be expected from a reasonably competent practitioner.  For example: to pursue a claim against a GP, it must be established that the care or treatment provided fell below the standard of care that one would expect to receive from a reasonably competent GP.  AND:-
  2. That the negligent care or treatment caused them to suffer an adverse outcome.  In other words, an outcome that is worse than it would have been had they received appropriate, non-negligent treatment.

What is the difference between medical and clinical negligence?

  • Medical negligence refers to both clinical and research activities within medicine and includes non-surgical treatments.
  • Clinical negligence refers to actually diagnosing and treating patients.

Our lawyers can help you in relation to medical negligence cases for wrong or delayed diagnosis, incorrect treatment or surgical mistakes.

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