No win – no fee injury claims explained

Here at Furley Page, our leading no win – no fee solicitors help you fund an injury claim at zero cost should you lose your case.

To find out how it works, read on.

No win – no fee solicitors

No win no fee compensation claims offer a practical way of funding a personal injury claim, without the risk of having to pay for legal expenses should you lose your case. Although no win no fee arrangements are incredibly popular, they can also be confusing – which is why we’re here to explain exactly what they mean for you.

So how do ‘no win – no fee’ claims work?

No win no fee agreements – more formally known today as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) – are a popular method of funding a claim, ensuring that legal fees and expenses are not paid until the end of your case.

By utilising a no win no fee agreement (CFA), as long as you have not misled us, you should NOT have to pay any of our fees should you lose your claim.

If you have taken out a legal expenses insurance policy, you should not have to pay for the other side’s expenses and costs. If you haven’t got an insurance policy, an ‘after the event’ (ATE) policy offers protection against having to pay your opponent’s legal costs and can be taken out after a dispute has arisen.

Will I keep all of my compensation should I win my ‘no win – no fee’ case?

If you win your case, then usually most of your costs and expenses will be recovered from the loser. Following Government changes to the no win no fee system in 2013 however, claimants may have to contribute to legal costs from compensation they receive in some cases. Your contribution to our costs, including any ‘success fee’, should be no more than 25 per cent of your compensation.

Damaged Based Agreements (Contingency Fee Agreements)

We also offer Damages Based Agreements, sometimes known as Contingency Fee Agreements or Contingency Fees in appropriate circumstances. These can be arranged by prior discussion with your legal adviser.

Why should I pick Furley Page as my no win no fee solicitors to handle my  claim?

Here at Furley Page, our no win no fee solicitors have extensive experience in handling all types of compensation claims. During a free initial consultation, we offer clear, practical and expert advice – with our no win no fee lawyers ranked amongst the best personal injury teams in Kent by our clients and other lawyers.

When making a ‘no win – no fee’ claim with us, you can expect nothing short of exemplary service:

  • No money or fees to paid up front
  • Clear advice and expert guidance along every step of the way
  • No costs to pay during your claim or towards other side’s legal fees
  • No win, no fee

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Free initial consultation for injury claims

Our no win no fee lawyers always give their initial advice for free.

For more information about personal injury claims and ‘no win – no fee’ funding, contact a member of our Personal Injury team.


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How can we help you?