Events following a bereavement can be overwhelming. If you have been appointed as a personal representative (executor or administrator) to wind up someone’s estate, you will be faced with some important responsibilities.

We can help take away some of the administrative burdens of probate and give you one less thing to worry about.

Furley Page has an extensive history of helping families at difficult times and our specialist team is recommended by The Legal 500 for advising on Personal Tax, Trusts and Probate.

We offer a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION to help you decide which of our Probate services is right for you.

Probate services to suit your needs

The role of an executor or personal representative can be a difficult one and leave you open to personal liability, but we can guide you through the probate maze and  help you manage the risks involved.

We offer our clients three levels of service: Probate, Probate Select and Probate Premium.

Following our free one hour consultation about probate matters we will help you decide which level of service is right for your needs.


We will look at the nature and value of the assets and agree a FIXED FEE to obtain probate.

  • You collate the financial information
  • We complete and submit the relevant Inheritance Tax Return
  • We prepare paperwork to obtain Probate and make an application to the Probate Registry on your behalf
  • We hand matters back to you to complete the administration

Probate Select

Probate Select service allows you to choose from a list of tasks which of those you would like Furley Page to undertake on your behalf, and which tasks you wish to administer yourself.  We agree a plan to administer the estate from start to finish and provide a detailed estimate of costs once the package has been agreed.

Probate Premium

Probate Premium is our complete service.  It enables you to hand over all the work to us. We will report to you throughout and ensure you fulfil your responsibilities.  We will give you a detailed estimate of the costs at the outset and manage the entire process to make sure you free of risk and the estate is administered correctly.

Using our Probate Premium service, the tasks we will complete for you are:

  • Meet with you to ascertain assets and liabilities of the estate
  • Obtain valuations
  • Prepare schedule of assets and liabilities
  • Prepare HMRC Inheritance Tax Return
  • Prepare legal Probate statement
  • Apply for and obtain appropriate Probate Certificate
  • Arrange to settle Inheritance Tax and negotiate tax clearance with HMRC
  • Register the Probate Certificate
  • Gather assets, arrange to pay liabilities
  • Pay bequests
  • Prepare and submit Income Tax Returns from the date of death
  • Prepare estate accounts
  • Arrange distributions to beneficiaries
  • Transfer assets and advise about any continuing Trusts

Choose Furley Page as your probate solicitors

We offer a FREE one hour consultation and our service is professional, friendly and value for money. We can meet you in the comfort of your own home or office or at any of our three office locations.  If you wish to meet us out of hours this can be agreed by prior arrangement.

Our technical skills are recognised by The Legal 500 and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

For further information about our services, contact Aaron Spencer or Joshua Williams.

Fee guidance

For information and guidance on fees for probate work carried out by Furley Page download our easy-to-use pdf >>

All work is supervised by a Partner.  Details about team members can be found top right of this page.


Probate services


Intestacy arises where a person dies without a Will. This can cause problems as the law steps in to say who should inherit. Legal advice will often be crucial in these circumstances.

Estate accounts

The oath that is signed when applying for a Grant of Probate confirms that estate accounts will be prepared setting out the valuation of the assets together with the income and expenditure. We can ensure you comply with this important legal obligation.

Deed of Variation

A Deed of Variation can redirect an inheritance to provide for other beneficiaries. These must be completed within two years of a death but can offer great opportunities for tax planning or asset protection. Legal advice will be essential.

International estates

Some people die leaving assets all over the world. Different countries have different rules and we will be able to use our worldwide contacts to help you deal with these assets and any taxation issues that arise.

Provision for Family and Dependants Act 1975.

If a Will fails to provide for someone who has a legitimate claim to inherit, the law can sometimes be used to allow them a fair share.

We act for executors defending such claims and individuals who feel they have a right to an inheritance.

Disputed Wills

Wills are sometimes disputed – for example, because a person has been pressured in to signing a Will they did not want to make or simply did not understand. This is a specialist area that will require expert legal advice.