Cross border estates

It is becoming increasingly common that a person’s estate could include foreign assets. Many people needing to make an English Will, may not have an English domicile or be resident in the UK.

There are common elements in different countries when making a Will but there are just as many different ones. This makes it imperative that the local succession and tax laws of every country with which you have a connection (whether you own assets in another country, you are a citizen of another country or you are resident abroad) are considered when making your Will.

There may be the need to look at EU rules too. Failure to consider the international aspect may to lead to a Will being invalid or not distributing your assets how you expect.

Assets, residence and domicile status

The location of your assets and your residence and domicile status will have an impact on how your Will is drafted. It may also be advisable for you to have separate Wills in different countries which, when considered together, deal with the distribution of all of your assets able to pass under a Will.

The team at Furley Page is experienced in advising clients on the drafting of Wills where there is an international element. We work closely with lawyers in other countries, and our specialist French Property, Tax and Estate Team,  in order to ensure that your Will accurately reflects your wishes concerning the distribution of your estate. We also make sure your Will or combination of Wills are drafted in line with the laws of each applicable country.

Why choose Furley Page for advice on cross-border estates

Furley Page has built a reputation for advising on French tax and estate planning and we have access to lawyers in other countries through our international connections.

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