The fight for adequate care for disabled children

Lucie Glover

Lucie Glover


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February 28, 2024

Categories Elderly and Vulnerable Clients

The BBC has recently reported on the battles faced by families for NHS continuing healthcare for their disabled children >>

If someone is found eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, or Young Person’s Continuing Healthcare if they are under 18, their care is provided and funded by the NHS ICB (Integrated Care Board).

To qualify, an assessment will be carried out by the NHS which looks at the persons health needs in detail and determine whether they meet the strict criteria.

However, even if a claim is successful, some families are finding that they still need to fight for the correct provision of care for their disabled child.

The latest BBC report looked at 105 families who came forward to highlight the obstacles they face when striving to provide their children with the best possible care, in the most difficult of situations.

Whilst the families had been successful in obtaining NHS continuing healthcare funding, the care put in place by the NHS was often insufficient meaning that families were needing to provide round the clock care, or care was withdrawn completely.

Unfortunately, this problem seems to be ever increasing as the NHS’ budgets are stretched even further.

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