Liquidation and administration

If you receive advice that a formal insolvency (company liquidation or administration) process is best for your company, then we can provide you with the expert assistance needed to guide you through the process. Furthermore, with our restructuring experts we can show you how, if possible, you can rescue specific areas of your business.

We can offer advice on winding up a company, either yours or one which owes either you or your company money.

Therefore whether you’re running a business which is having to contemplate insolvency, your business is owed money by a debtor who is insolvent or you fear may be in danger becoming insolvent, our expert team can help you. We can also offer our expertise to Insolvency Practitioners requiring advice and assistance.

Seek advice early to manage the process of liquidation and administration

The process of liquidation and administration can often be seen to be very complex. However, if you take the right advice then it can be a relatively pain free and straightforward process.

The crucial part is that advice is sought early so that all available options can be explored and considered.

We can provide advice in relation to the preparation, filing and service of the winding up petition through to the arrangement of representation at the final hearing.

We can also provide advice in relation to putting your business into administration, rather than liquidating it and can connect you with the right professional advisers to assist you in making that informed decision.

Why choose Furley Page for advice on liquidation and administration

The team can offer unrivalled advice on the process and the effect that it can have on you, as a director, and the business.

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