Fixed price possession service for landlords

We work to achieve your ultimate goal – the possession of your property and recovery of rent.

Our fixed price possession service for landlords includes:

  • A personal, face-to-face service with qualified legal staff.
  • Meeting you to take your instructions, if required.
  • Consideration of documents.
  • Advice to identify any potential problems.
  • Preparation of the relevant Notices for service on your tenant.
  • Preparation and issue of Court proceedings with personal management of all steps leading to a possession order.
  • Obtaining a bailiff appointment if the tenant refuses to leave the property.
  • The certainty of fixed price packages

Types of proceedings covered by our service

Possession only claims via accelerated possession proceedings

  • An application to the Court based on the tenancy documentation without the need for a Court hearing.
  • An order for possession is made if all documents are  in order.
  • But if there is an error or a particular procedure has not been complied with, the case can be listed for a hearing  and subsequently dismissed.
  • Our legal assessment of the tenancy documents prior to the issue of proceedings is therefore fundamental and  may save you incurring unnecessary costs and delay.

Claims for possession based upon rent arrears

  • This procedure requires a Court appointment to obtain an order for possession and judgment for the rent arrears.
  • Our service includes careful preparation of documents by experienced legal staff.
  • Representation at the hearing is an essential element of our specialised service for landlords.

Where there is missing or inaccurate paperwork, or procedures under the Housing Act 2004 (such as relating  to deposits) have not been dealt with, our trained lawyers will identify these problems at an early stage and advise  how to resolve them before proceedings are issued.

The property disputes team

We are a specialised team providing technical and legal advice throughout the claim and have extensive experience of cases dealt with in both the High Court and the County Courts.

We deal with landlords ranging from those with a single property to those who have property portfolios of various types and value. We work to achieve your ultimate goal which is possession of your property and recovery of rent.

For information about the our fixed price possession service for landlords contact Sarah Woolnough.

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